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Dial Communications offers the best radio communications solution in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area

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Here at Dial Communications we have the most reliable and dependable radios available for our rental customers.

Motorola HT750 - The HT750 two way radio is a programmable 16 channel 4 watt UHF radio that is simple to use and very dependable. All radios come equipped with a NiMH Battery, a HD belt clip. A variety of audio accessories are available for use with this radio.
Motorola HT1250LS - The HT1250LS two way radio is an enhanced version of the HT750, a 16 channel radio that has LCD Screen, which allows the user to name the channels**. It also is capable of providing area wide communications through use of a UHF trunked system. The HT1250LS is also very simple to use and is compatible with the HT accessories.
2 Piece Surveillance Kit - The 2 pc. Surv. Kit or sometimes known as the Secret Service earpiece, is a very useful lightweight accessory. The lightweight earpiece fits directly into your ear, while the speaker mic can be clipped to your lapel or held in your hand. This device is great for low profile security or event personnel.
Breeze Headset – The Breeze headset is a lightweight headset that fits directly over the head and has an adjustable microphone.
Standard Headset - The Standard Headset is a very common and useful headset, with and adjustable microphone.
Speaker Mic - The Speaker Mic is a heavy duty accessory that is usually clipped onto the users shirt. The user speaks into the mic to transmit and then receives from the speaker. This device is great for outside events and security venues.
6 Bank Charger - A rapid battery charger that completely charges 6 batteries in 90 minutes. These chargers are complementary when customers rent radios.

Batteries - A charged battery lasts up to 8 hrs. All radio rentals come with spare batteries.

**Special Programming is available on all radios**
**All radios come equipped with belt clips and antennas**


Please contact us for a rental quote.

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